Traditionally, when it comes to investing, banks focus primarily on the technical and administrative side. When an individual invests, however, it is often because they are trying to achieve a goal. Rabobank wanted to make it relevant to you. So imagine, for example, that you’re saving money for when your children go to college, thinking of buying a second home abroad or getting that car you’ve always wanted. In Rabobank’s new strategy for wealth management, your investment goal comes first.

Delta Plan Online is the new online proposition of Rabobank. Virtual Affairs collaborated with Rabobank on the concept development of this wealth management tool and was responsible for designing the user interface of the on-boarding process and customer environment. Everything was developed based on a ‘touch first’ philosophy, as there will be a strong focus on tablet use.

Managing your own assets

Rabobank’s new approach gives customers more options for managing their own investments. The customer determines their goals and when they should be achieved. Additionally, they decide how much risk they are willing to take. After completing these steps, the customer is asked whether the opinion of an investment specialist is required. They are also asked whether they want to outsource investing or establish an investment portfolio and do it themselves. Everything is done in a simple and intuitive way.

When the customer has set the goals and chosen the investment form, the dashboard shows how long it will take before the goal will be achieved. The customer can change the purpose, duration and investment amount and has direct insight on current performance. This way, customers are always aware if they are on track to achieve their goal. If there is a change in the situation and action needs to be taken, then the customer receives an alert and various options are proposed to get the investment back on track. Rabobank will offer the customer several possibilities pro-actively to get back on track with a single click.

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Very satisfied users

The investment dashboard has been tested by clients of Rabobank. The result? A high customer rating. Customers get the feeling that Rabobank cares about their opinion and needs and takes them seriously. The fact that they now receive all the information necessary regarding investing and can easily set their own goals makes them more confident in Rabobank. In addition, they feel like they are in control when it comes to the goals that have been set.