Turbo website: the first step in online innovation

BinckBank is an online bank for investors that is ranked in the top five in Europe and has more than 550,000 account holders. As an online broker, it offers its clients fast, low-cost access to all the important financial markets around the world. BinckBank wanted to renew their online public channels and decided to work with us at Virtual Affairs. The first step was the launch of their turbo website. We were responsible for the concept, interaction design, and realisation of the new website. We also migrated all other lead sites to a new, centralised web platform, based on Sitefinity.

A completely new platform

The Turbo website was built completely from scratch. For background, a turbo allows clients to invest with a leveraged rate in underlying assets such as the AEX-index, the DAX-index, many Dutch and internal stocks, currencies, and commodities. This way they meet the demands of experienced and active investors who like to invest in leveraged products. The Turbo website offers commercial and legal information regarding the new Binck Turbo products and acts as the first step in online innovation. We designed and developed the flows for the different websites and since comparable sites are only content driven, we made the new turbo website data driven too. It shows related data such as value, the stop-loss level, the leverage rate, and the financing level. What’s more, by using smart filters, customers can easily search through turbos. It’s an open environment where data related to Binck Turbos is available for customers and is in a place where they can easily find whatever it is they need.

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Additional projects

BinckBank has also renewed their online public channels which includes their corporate website and lead websites in several countries and both and Virtual Affairs was the digital partner for BinckBank for these projects as well and worked in parallel with members of their staff. Now, BinckBank IT is able to fully support and further develop their web platform themselves.