Aruba Bank

Optimization of digital customer environment with BankingRight

Aruba Bank has completely revamped its digital customer environment with a new public site, a customer portal and the introduction of mobile e-banking apps. At Virtual Affairs, we played a major role in this project, which was built using our solution BankingRight. “By choosing this approach, Aruba Bank has taken a great leap forward in improving its customer service,” says Robin Peters, director at Virtual Affairs.

From physical to digital

In our role as Aruba Bank’s FinTech supplier, Virtual Affairs was responsible for the innovations of web and mobile which we delivered in close collaboration with Aruba Bank and other partners such as Five Degrees. As online banking and mobile apps for banking are still in their infancy in the Netherlands Antilles, digitalisation is a big step forward for Aruba Bank.

Peters: "In the Netherlands Antilles, personal contact is very important. Renewal and digitalisation of banking is primarily meant to support physical channels in which customers are offered possibilities for online and mobile service. Many processes can be started online and efficiently completed at a bank office, such as the online application for a credit card. This way, the customer is more in control and processes for both the customer and the bank become more efficient.”

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Optimal user experience

With BankingRight as a foundation, Aruba Bank has been provided with a modern customer environment in a relatively short period of time. With a renewed public website, a customer portal and a mobile app for iOS and Android, customer service broadly has risen to a much higher level from a user experience perspective. Peters: "In particular, the mobile app really is a showpiece for Aruba Bank."

Virtual Affairs has taken into account the future wishes and needs of Aruba Bank, creating a solid foundation and starting point for further innovation. Peters: “This ‘white label’ approach emphasises the flexibility of our banking platform. It provides our clients with possibilities which allow them to quickly create and support new business models and benefit from the centralised, secured and scalable structure.”

Enrichment of the product

Peters: “The rollout of the online banking environment for Aruba Bank has brought us closer to our international ambition to position ourselves as a leading FinTech company in the field of retail and private banking. It has been a great international learning project. Not only have our employees gained valuable knowledge in this domain, the collaboration with the partners of Aruba Bank has enriched our product. Various wishes and demands of Aruba Bank, regarding laws and regulations, currencies and global transfers are now part of our product by default. This, combined with the experience of an international and long-distance implementation and collaboration, strengthens Virtual Affairs' business proposition. Therefore, we are more convinced than ever of what we can offer to worldwide customers with serious digital ambitions.”

For its digitalisation process, Aruba Bank took a large step towards international cooperation with some important partners. Peters: “I think Aruba Bank is a very ambitious and committed client. The renewal of their customer environment was just one part of the total programme, in which the bank worked hard to realise further optimisation and digitalisation of mid office processes. This has been a large project, but with results to be proud of. By choosing modern technology and solutions, Aruba Bank has ensured for itself a future with a solid foundation on which they can further innovate and improve their customer service.”